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While the team at your local veterinary clinic will often be best placed to answer any specific questions about your particular cat and its needs, there are also a wide range of helpful resources available to provide further background information and understanding on issues of cat health and wellbeing. Some important sources of information are highlighted here:

The ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation programme – this accreditation programme from the International Society of Feline Medicine, the veterinary division of International Cat Care aims to help with information on:

  • Making visits to the veterinary clinic less stressful for your cat
  • Transporting your cat to the veterinary clinic
  • What to do when you get to the clinic
  • What to do when you take your cat back home
  • Feeding cats that are unwell
  • Administering tablets, drops and lotions

The International Cat Care website – this has a huge amount of information available both on general aspects of cat care, cat behaviour, and cat diseases. This information is all freely available.

Essential Cattitude – an insight into the feline world – this is a short book written and published by International Cat Care that helps explain the background and origins of the domestic cat, and how that impacts on cat behaviour. It helps us understand how the world and the immediate environment is viewed from the cat’s perspective and what we can do to make this as safe and fun as possible for cats to improve their wellbeing.