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Identification for your cat

Being able to easily identify your cat is a prerequisite to keeping it safe and well. Even cats kept totally indoors can often escape and easy identification of all cats is crucial.

Microchipping is by far the best way of accurately and permanently identifying cats. This is just a small ‘chip’ that is injected under the skin that identifies you and your cat on a database. A small scanner can read the information on the chip and these are kept, for example, by rescue organisations and veterinary clinics, to identify lost and stray cats. Getting your cat microchipped is one of the things you should discuss with your vet when you first get your cat or kitten.

Some people also like their cat to wear a collar if it does go outside as it provides an easy means of identification. However, collars can cause serious injuries to cats if they are poorly fitted or if they become caught on objects. For these reasons, make sure you choose a ‘snap open’ safety-type collar that allows the cat to escape easily should the collar get caught.