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What is Cat Care for Life?


How does Cat Care for Life work?

The role of the cat owner

As an owner, you have a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of your cat. By undertaking routine preventive healthcare, through all stages – from kittens through to old age – you can ensure your cat stays as healthy as possible. You can also prevent problems arising or maximise the chance of early detection of any illness, when much more can be done. This website will guide you through the healthcare your cat should be receiving based on its life stage.

The role of vets and nurses

On this website, we have provided veterinary clinics with a freely available practical guide to the Cat Care for Life programme. It defines the life stages of cats, along with recommended best practice guides for recommended health checks, and advice on when health problems are likely to occur. The information is set out simply but it has taken many years of treating cats and gathering information on disease to devise a good health plan!

A partnership of care

As a dedicated cat owner, you will know and appreciate that providing a good home environment, good nutrition and good care, together with routine preventive healthcare checks from your veterinarian can have a profound effect on the long-term health of your cat. The Cat Care for Life programme thus encourages you to work with your veterinary clinic to maintain your cat in the peak of health through all its life stages.

Find a Cat Friendly Clinic

We know taking your cat to the veterinary clinic can be extremely stressful for both the cat, and for you. You may therefore want to look for a local veterinary clinic that has achieved Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation. This accreditation is a demonstration of the efforts the clinic has made to treat cats (and cat-owners) differently and with the distinctive approaches that are really needed for these special animals.

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